Wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation using ND Yag Laser

A natural way to boost collagen
  A long term lasting results
  Good for your skin
  Non surgical face lift


The Treatment

Charcoal Laser™ cream is being applied to the face. The AW3® ND Yag Q Switch Laser shoot at the area causing no pain to the client. A 1320nm wavelength is being used in this treatment.

Skin rejuvenation is the treatment of sun damaged skin. Skin rejuvenation is used to boost the complexion, even out the skin tone, tighten pores, smooth out the skin texture and give a collagen boost within the skin. Skin rejuvenation is an excellent treatment to reverse the signs of aging.

The Science

The heat from the AW3® light is attracted to the melanin/oxy-haemoglobin in the blood. The heat reaction breaks down the melanin and coagulates the blood within the area. This then leaves the body through the lympathic system leaving the skin with a clearer complexion.

The heat that is also created within the epidermis and dermis, making the skin react as if it has had an injury. The blood and collagen rush into this area to repair it leaving the skin with a smoother appearance.

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